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Feed the Microbes that Feed the Plants

MultiFIX™ - The Optimum Food for Microbes

MultiFIX™ is a dark-blue liquid formulation for improving soils which provide plant available nutrients at the best time for maximum growth.


Large leaves generate increased photosynthesis and the sugar building blocks of plant cells. Root exudates build carbon in soils.


The Key Benefits:

  • Grow Premium Quality Crops for Higher Income

  • Crops become Heavier with High Brix

  • Produce Earlier Maturity with High Yields


MultiFIX™ is for Conventional Farming and can be easily applied with fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and irrigation.


Our understanding of soil microbiology for crop improvement has a history going back to 1988, with attaining valuable knowledge to help farmers get maximum crop quality and yields for the specific soils on your farm.


Our experiences with environmental cleanup projects directly carry over into crop production. The formulations bioremediation of oil spills, wastewater treatment and algae control using bioenhancement and bioaugmentation.


BioWorld Products - Commercial & Industrial


Safe Solutions for
Environmental Cleanup Projects

Oil Spill Cleanup Formulations and Techniques

Emergency Oil Spill Cleanup Solutions

Our products and equipment were developed for large scale industrial applications.

Specialized Products, Equipment and Engineering are combined with common sense and practical experience on projects around the globe. Our clients get exceptional results at a reasonable cost.

The site of science and useful products that are distributed and used worldwide.

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Why use Advanced BioTech?

Our product formulations are developed using extremely sophisticated technology for excellent performance in real world conditions and designed to be simple to apply in most applications..

 Environmentally Safe Product Innovations Since 1989...

Advanced BioTech offers safe solutions to complex environment cleanups requiring a real solution!

Modern Biotechnology is the foundation of Advanced BioTech, a proven leader in providing safe products and solutions for complex challenges.

Biotechnology, simply stated, is the application of biological processes to develop and create products.  Many of our products are produced using this method.

The true potential for applications of our proven product formulations is realized in agricultural, industrial, commercial, municipal, governmental, environmental and large residential projects.

Advanced BioTech develops and markets unique product formations for solving numerous challenges. These sophisticated products are easy to store and apply.

Our progressive technology is promoted by the U.S. Department of Commerce and The State of California Environmental Protection Agency for international distribution and use.

Primary products, equipment, service and technology include our Flagship formulation used for growing the best crops posible for the soils of each farm. the product is: MultiFIX™ - The Optimum Food for Microbes!

MultiFIX™ was developed for soil and crop improvement in conventional farming operations and has been used in many countries around the globe.

Our BioWorld Products™ have a basis as the sister formulation to MultiFIX™ where the BioWorld Liquid Optimizer is providing an Optimum Food for Microbes plus we introduce microorganisms that are specifically selected dependent on the project.

Our BioWorld Products line includes odor neutralizers, odor control systems, algae control, wastewater treatment, petroleum oil spill cleanup using bioremediation. The knowledge and in the field experiences gained from these diverse projects allow us to adjust and improve our product formulations many times since 1988.   Researching and treatments in crop soils allowed us to make observations that translate into our environmental cleanup projects for a very high percentage of successes where other firms have failed.

Absolutely the Best Available Products, Services, Technology, Equipment, Engineering for environmental cleanup related issues anywhere in the world - 

"Providing Real Solutions for Environmental Cleanup - Today"

Innovative Technology

 Odor Control · Algae Control ·

Oil Spill Cleanup using Bioremediation ·

nvironmental Cleanup Services ·

Crop Enhancement · Soil Restoration · Plant Health

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