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Fogger Specials

 Junior Fogger + 1 Liter BON-CC-41

This Junior Fogger special is the best for small odor problems. Best used in small spaces such as cars or smaller rooms. You save when you purchase the BON-CC-41 with the Jr Fogger!

Triple Nozzle Fogger + 1 Gallon BON-CC-41


Our Triple Nozzle Fogger and BON-CC-41 our the most popular of our Fogger/BON combos. It is great for bigger projects around the home or office!

Also available in a Triple Nozzle Fogger and case of 4x1 Gallons BON-CC-41 for bigger projects and to give you a better savings!

Micro-Jet Fogger + 1 Gallon BON-CC-41


This fogger provides greater penetration and diffusion of fog particles, allowing more concentrated solutions to be used and shortening application times. It also has a higher surface to volume ration of small droplets which makes them superior for odor control and other gas contact applications.

Noz-L-Jet S + 1 Gallon BON-CC-41


Noz-L-Jet L + 1 Gallon BON-CC-41

The Noz-L-Jet F7087S with nozzle fogger features a 36" hose and 16" straight wand with discharge control. Lightweight and portable, it allows "spot" fogging without filling the room or wasting chemical. This allows you to get the most out of your gallon on BON-CC-41!


The Noz-L-Jet F7087L with nozzle fogger features a 36" hose and 38" long curved wand with discharge control. This one works best for the tighest of places! It will help you get the BON-CC-41 in direct contact with the source of the odor problem.

When you want fog, just aim the nozzle and press the thumb valve. It's spring loaded for one-handed operation, but can be latched "on" if you want continuous output. No matter what your task, the Noz-L-Jet's powerful 30 cfm blower makes it quick work.

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Please call to order specials: 559.651.5050

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