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28054 MultiFIX™ - The Optimum Food for Microbes

Soil microbes reproduce and thrive very efficiently to speed up the processes of photosynthesis, sugar production, root development, mycorrhizal fungi expansion, water retention, nutrient conversion, nutrient uptake, plant defense mechanisms, plus earlier maturity of the crop by several days to a few weeks sooner.

One of the Best products ever developed for soils, plants & crops.

In a Class All Its Own!   

The MultiFIX™  BioEnhancement has nutrients and special compounds that feed and help microorganisms reproduce very efficiently

The soil becomes more balanced, nutrients and minerals will convert for better availability to the plant.  

Healthy plants generally equate to higher yields, superior crop quality, less pest problems and the potential for more income from each crops.

When MultiFIX is continually applied to the soil, there are cumulative improvements with all types of naturally occurring organic acids, humic acids, fulvic acids, humus, and hundreds of other substances that increase plant health and disease resistance. 

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