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A clean, healthy, beautiful water feature comes at a cost. If you are in a position to invest what is required, then the BioWorld Algae Treatment Method is the right choice for you.

During the algae bloom season in your area, we recommend treating a pond, lake, or irrigation system with BioWorld Algae Treatment on a weekly basis. Begin treatments at the first sign of green filamentous algae growth.

General application is 2 units  per surface acre per week equating to(2 gallons Liquid Optimizer and 2 x lb units Algae Microbes).

Treatments should be repeated for at least 4 - 6 weeks. When the algae is under control, both the rates and frequency of treatments can be decreased.

100% Success when adequate amounts are properly applied!

Cost Outline Example 1
Cost Outline Example 2

Treatment costs depend on several factors such as:

  • Daylight hours
  • Water pH
  • Nutrient loading
  • Temperature
  • Algae type
  • Severity of algae
  • Prior algaecides used
  • Surface area or dimensions
  • Geographic location

BioWorld will provide a targeted treatment rate based on these factors and suggests adjustments accordingly.

NOTE: There is economy of scale based on size of the water feature. As surface area size increases, that quantity of the BioWorld Formulation is lessened.

Reason - An 80 acre lake is very different than a small acre pond. Depths and temperature fluctuations dictate the algae growth pattern of algae. 

Suggested treatment rates and product amounts to purchase are as follows:

Pond Weekly 6-8 weeks of
Size Rate Advanced BioTech
1,000 sq ft 1/4 unit 2 units of - Item 80186
5,000 sq ft 1/2 unit 1 case of  - Item 80386

3 units
1/4 acre 3/4 unit 2 cases of  - Item 80196

6 units
1/2 acre 1 unit 2 or 3 cases of - Item 80386
6 or 9 units
1 acre 2 units 1 set of - Item 80198

2 x 6 gallon Liquid Optimizer
12 x 1/2 lb Algae Microbes
5 acres 4 - 6 units 2 sets of - Item 80198
2 x 6 gallon Liquid Optimizer and
12 x 1/2 lb Algae Microbes
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Example: Northeast Region

Since 2003, a 1/3-acre pond in Ohio has used the following amounts of BioWorld Treatment:

Year Cost  
2003 $465
BioWorld Algae Control Products
2004 $408
2005 $408


Example: Southwest Desert Region

Since 1995, a 3-acre California county park pond in a southwest region has used the following amounts of BioWorld Treatment:

Year Cost  
1995 $5400
Before BioWorld
1996 $2348
1997 $2156
1998 $2424
1999 $1867
2000 $2064
After BioWorld
2001 $2259
2002 $1743
2003 $1688
2004 $1881

Average cost of treatment for 24 weeks per year on 3 acres - $2382

BioWorld averaged only $33 per surface acre per week for a safe, beautiful pond full of fish, paddle boats and people.

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