MultiFIX™ improves crop quality, yields and grower income.

Developed for commercial operations using "Conventional Farming Methods".

MultiFIX™ - in class of its own.

Your whole farming operation can benefit!

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When MultiFIX™ is applied, the microbe populations thrive,

creating a cascade of hundreds of chemical, physical & biological processes.

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Use MultiFIX™ for gains in productivity and efficiency.

Build soil organic matter, water holding capacity, and biological activity.

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MultiFIX™ FORMULATION is designed to increase and enhance microbial activity in the soil and plants. MultiFIX™is a liquid nutrient in a soluble form that provides soils and plants with many of the necessary elements required for maximum growth.

MultiFIX™ provides trace elements and nutrients which improve the general soil and plant condition. MultiFIX™ is a valuable supplement to soil and foliar fertilizer programs, particularly where there are deficiencies and problems in the uptake of primary nutrients and trace elements from the soil.

Through the enhancement of microbial activity, since 1988, we have been seeing consistent results such as increased plant nutrient uptake, improved soil quality, i.e. better water holding capacity, and above all, increased grower income - the main reason for farming.

While using MultiFIX™, the soil is much more active with higher populations of beneficial microbes making it easier for the plants to adjust and obtain the necessary nutrients for optimum growth and crop production. Give yourself the economical and effective solution of MultiFIX™ for your crops today.

New crops undergo a considerable amount of stress during and after planting. The seeds or transplants must adjust to their new environment and develop enough roots in order to survive. This means that the environment (the soil) must be suitable in order for the plants to exist and thrive. Living soil with tons of microbes per acre indicate a healthy soil, yet many agricultural soils could use the boost that MultiFIX™ provides.

Certain tillage practices and chemical applications can alter the size of the microbial population. The process of building up the number of microbes can be very rewarding and profitable. Fortunately, there is a simple way for a reasonable investment, MultiFIX™.

The MultiFIX™ formulation increases soil microbes reproductive ability by supplying the organisms with their essential growth nutrients. Other additions to the MultiFIX™ formulation will stimulate and extend root growth to reach further for more minerals and water.

One key factor with the MultiFIX™ is the cumulative effects and benefits with each and every product application. As the microbial population goes through growth and expiration phases, more nutrients are converted and become plant available. Many useful enzymes and hormones are created by the microbes and used by the plant.  Hundreds of additional chemical, physiological and biological transformations take place continually - 24 7 365 - in all soils.

Since the MultiFIX™ formulation is primarily applied to soils and the plant, the application amounts are dictated by crop economics. Here are some overall examples of differing applications for the various crops.

1. Strawberries: Our highest commercial application amounts have been a rate of "15 gallons of MultiFIX™ per acre" split and applied every two weeks for the season of strawberries. The economic returns are $4000 to $6000 per acre increase for a $1200 investment. The berries also have more sugar.

2. Silage Corn: The application is calculated at 1 quart per acre pre-plant in herbicide tank. The lower yields were 2.5 to 3 tons more in side by side comparisons. The economic returns are $70 to $84 per acre ($28/ton) increase for a $20 investment. The highest was a 4 ton increase (38 tons non-treated and 42 tons with $20 of MultiFIX™) for a $112 increase plus quality payment was added.

MultiFIX™ was developed for large scale Conventional Farming Methods.

Most of our MultiFIX™ clients have seen significant reductions in pest and disease pressure from having healthier plants and soils.

Use water and fertilizer more efficiently as MultiFIX™ - The Optimum Food for Microbes builds soil organic matter, humus, tilth and structure with each and every application.

Your whole operation can improve simply by incorporating MultiFIX™ with existing fertility and pest management programs!


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MultiFIX™ The Optimum Food for Microbes

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