Small Organisms Have Big Impact


1. Soils have many types of tiny creatures called microorganisms (microbes) such as bacteria, fungi, algae, and mold.


2. In most agricultural soils, the microbes struggle because they lack proper forms of compounds needed to survive.


3. Using biotechnology, MultiFIX was developed to provide soluble forms of compounds that microbes need to rapidly reproduce and thrive.

4. After applying MultiFIX™, your existing microbes go to work. Billions of healthy microbes constantly improve soil tilth and structure. Enzymes and other substances are produced that help counter root disease and soil pests such as nematodes and phylloxera.


5. Microbes speed up nutrient conversion, improve water penetration and holding capacity, aerate the soil to reduce compaction, help adjust pH and many other important functions.


6. Better soil, good fertility program including MultiFIX™ and healthier plants produce large size, tasty, nutritious, high yielding crops that are easier to sell and have longer storage time.

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