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The MultiFIX™ "mode of action" in the soil initiates mechanisms that allow your plants to produce high sugar, large size, extra weight and superior quality.

Proven effective by satisfied growers and field research: MultiFIX™ consistently improves grower profit potential.

This sophisticated technology is easy to apply with fertilizer, herbicide or irrigation.

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The Most Advanced Product Available for Improving Soils, Plants and Crops

Agricultural Rate : 1 to 20 quarts MultiFIX™ per acre depending on crop.

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#25054 MultiFIX™ Liquid (5-gallon/19-liter units on 1 pallet)

#25243 MultiFIX™ Liquid (24 x 5-gallon/19-liter units on 1 pallet)

#25250 MultFIX™ Liquid (250-gallon/950-liter bulk unit)