(A Special Liquid Growing Supplement)

For the HOME and GARDEN

What is MultiFIX™?

MultiFIX is a registered liquid fertilizer product consisting of specially selected, highly soluble, technical grade fertilizers, nutrients and compounds carefully manufactured through a multi-stage fermentation process.

Benefits of MultiFIX!

MultiFIX causes a cooperative effect in the soil to help release fertilizers and nutrients into the plants. In effect, the soil is rejuvenated and the moisture holding ability is improved.

Your plants will generally produce better quality and show an increase in quantity of fruits and vegetables. Plants will also be healthier and show more vigorous growth. In houseplants, leaves become a deeper green and many plants will shine like the leaves

How to use MultiFIX

HOUSEPLANTS: 1 to 4 ounces of MultiFIX concentrate per gallon of water. Apply as a normal watering to soil around plant. Thereafter, use mixture about once a month.

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