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*3 week human and dog decomposition inside house.

The shipment arrived early the next day and we were able to put the fogger and BON to work that afternoon. We are appreciatative and impressed with the speed in getting the shipment to us. The technicians comments were that the fogger and BON work very well and the BON has a very pleasant smell.

Before using it, the techs had twice used an ozone machine set up overnight. The odor was still so bad, they had to wear respirators. After using the fogger and BON once, the odor was much improved and the environment was much more tolerable!

C.C. - CO
BioWorld Odor Neutralizer + Triple Nozzle Fogger

Club with Summer Odors

We have had great success using your product and I highly recommend both the fogger and the neutralizing solution.  We have determined that our venue faced odor problems during the hot Texas summer and early fall.  We have been fortunate during the winter months to be mostly odor free.  We will definitely order more solution with you company in the future when we use up our current supply.  Thank you for following up with me and for providing a great product and superior customer service.

Jessica - Texas

Wastewater Plant with Odors

We are pleased so far with this fogger.  It is being used with an odor neutralizer on top of our wastewater treatment plant.  It arrived in good condition and was relatively simple to set up and get operating.  Thanks for your interest.

Richard - Texas

Gymnastic Academy Eliminates Gym Odors!

The BON-SA-45 and fogger workes great for eliminating odors in my gym!  I started out fogging the BON every morning for 15 minutes in the building, then went to fogging every other day (I am going to try fogging every third day).  Even with fogging every other day, my building is still odor free!

Matt - New York
December, 2008

Best Fogger - Saves Time!

Foggers I purchased have been the best piece of equipment I have ever purchased. I have been applying pesticide products around windows inside homes. The Nozzle-L-Jet Foggers have saved me lots of time. What used to take me 40 minutes to apply now takes me 10 minutes to apply. They are easy to use and very durable. These are the best foggers I've ever come across!

Jeff - New Zealand
October, 2008

Working Great!

The units are in use and are working great.  Thank you for the follow-up.

 John TN

Your Product Works Great!

Your product works great!  I will be recommending your company to anyone looking for foggers and odor neutralizer products.

         Miriam - Puerto Rico

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