BON in Action

Many companies formulate odor masking agents or so called Odor Neutralizers.  But all these masking agents do is add to the smells that your nose is already detecting. When this occurs, your nose will sense conflicting smells resulting in a worse problem than before. Don't be fooled by these products.

Use the scientifically formulated and project proven product -
Genuine, Reliable, Authentic BioWorld Odor Neutralizer (BON)

Examples of Odor Causing Molecules

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Smell is a very direct sense. In order for you to smell something, odor causing molecules from the smell have to reach your nose. Everything you smell is emitting molecules. These molecules are generally light, volatile (easy to evaporate) chemicals that float through the air and into your nose.

Apply BON with its Magnetic Attraction "Mode of Action"

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BON is naturally formulated to be like tiny magnets to every molecule humans can smell. BON contains long chain molecules that are charged.  This magnetic attraction mechanism allows the odor causing molecules to attach to the BON molecules.

Odor Molecules Drop Out Where BON is Applied

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Once BON is atomized into the air or onto a surface, the odor causing molecules connect to the BON and become heavier than air; gravity then takes over and pulls the molecules out of the air and to the ground. Since the odor causing molecules are no longer floating in the air, your nose will not be able to detect them and your perception of the odor problem will disappear.

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