BioWorld Odor Control Top-Ranked in laboratory study by U.S. Forest Service

Our BioWorld Engineering Liquid Optimizer Plus was top-ranked in a study conducted by the U.S. Forest Service of 31 tested odor control products.

The six-week laboratory study, "The Effectiveness of Vault-Toilet Odor-Control Products:  An Update," by Mechanical Engineer Mark Zavala and Senior Sanitary Engineer Brenda Land, found that the BioWorld odor control product was identified as tested and "did reduce odors" and "seemed to warrant further evaluation."

The study also found that the BioWorld Liquid Optimizer Plus ranked at the top in two categories, "Products Field Tested," and "Cost Comparison Summary."  The study said BioWorld "reduces odor and almost eliminates flies when added to the vault weekly."  Other products required treatment after "two or three days," or were effective "only when the vault is pumped and recharged with water."

The odor control products tested are used for vault toilets typically located in recreation areas such as camping sites and hiking trails.

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Link:  "Effectiveness of Vault-Toilet Odor-Control Products:  An Update"

Link:-HTML-  "Effectiveness of Vault-Toilet Odor-Control Products:  An Update"