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Project Situation

Approximately 10 cans of tear gas had been shot into a home's attic by a SWAT team. Tear gas odor penetrated the entire home with major concentrations in the attic area and bedrooms. Odors were so severe it was very difficult to even enter the home.

The homeowner sought out environmentally friendly odor control to eliminate the odor. BioWorld was contacted to provide BioWorld Odor Neutralizer (BON) and a F8026 Triple Nozzle Fogger to resolve the situation.

Products/Technology Used

#41014 BioWorld Odor Neutralizer BON-CC-41 Concentrate

#F8026 Triple Nozzle Fogger


The attic insulation was removed. The BON-CC-41 was fogged into the home by using the F8026 Triple Nozzle Fogger. The client was careful to thoroughly fog all areas of the home with the suggested BON/Water dilution rate of 10%. Extra care was taken in fogging and concentrating the BON in the worst areas of the home (attic and bedrooms). The wood framing in the attic area was saturated with the BON solution because the wood had absorbed the tear gas. Since this was a severe odor issue, BON was applied in 3 separate applications. After the 3rd application, there was no trace of the tear gas odor in the home. The client was extremely pleased with the results.