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MultiFIX™ Soil, Plant and Crop Enhancement MultiFIX™ - The Optimum Food for Microbes is a unique formulation in a Class of Its Own...

Developed for large scale conventional farming operations and performs to grow high crop yields.

MultiFIX™ provides the easiest way to build soil health in the short and long term.

The dark-blue liquid feeds the microbes that feed the plant that feed the microbes bulk exudates.

MultiFIX™ initiates hundreds of processes in the soil and plants including:

Rapidly Converting Nutrients

Plant then take Nutrient when Required

Numerous substances are created

Many organic acids and enzymes

Ultimately builds a humus hotel for efficient water and nutrient storage.

The main goal of investing in MultiFIX™ is assisting growers to increase income!

Better soil, plants and crops - for maximum Income!

Odor Neutralizer Industrial, agricultural, office, home - even pets. Great for skunk odor!
Foggers Equipment to fog odor neutralizers - chemical. Handheld and drum mounted.
Algae Treatment Naturally take care of algae - lakes, ponds, irrigation systems.  
Bioremediation Products Clean up oils in soil or water- fuel tanks, greasetraps, oil spills, transfer stations, navy and shipping.
Wastewater Treatment Wastewater treatment - industrial, agricultural - septic tanks.
Septic Tank Treatment This revolutionary product is the best answer to long term plumbing problems. Saves money by avoiding or delaying costly pumping of clogged systems
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Soil - Plant - Crop Enhancement Technology
Soil Microbiology


Ranch & Farm 30 Acres of Water Surface
Algae and Residues are Totally Gone

Easy to Apply - Safe Enough for Kids

Park 3 Acres of Water Surface - Algae is Totally Gone - Fish Thriving

Bioremediation - Small oil/water Separator Safely Cleaned

Large Scale Bunker "C" Fuel Oil Bioremediation
6000 tons Spread over 4 Acres - Safe Enough to Grow Eatable Crops

FOG - fats-oils-greases in Wastewater from Beef Packing Plant
BioWorld Treatment is so Efficient - Savings $50,000 per Year
Replaces polymers, coagulants and other wastewater chemicals

Neighbors are Happier when Odors are Gone - No More Angry Lawsuits
BioWorld Significantly Reduces Odors related to Animal Operations


Ammonia and Methane Gases are Virtually Non-Existent with BioWorld
Eating More Feed Produces More Milk plus Animals are Healthier 

Dairy Wastewater Treatment - Major Odor Reduction
Solids are Degraded on Top and Bottom - More Capacity
Clearers and Sanitizers Degraded - Effluent Helps Crops

BioWorld is Effective for All Sizes of Municipal / Industrial Wastewater
Major Odor Issues are a Thing of the Past where BioWorld is Used   

Energy Savings of 15 - 70% Realized with BioWorld System Implemented

All Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Benefit from Utilizing BioWorld as a Major Part of the System

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