Free Septic Tank & Cesspool Treatment

 Free Product – NOT from BioWorld

Many companies provide a “Very Expensive Free Product.

  1. The first law of economics is "Nothing is FREE"; everything includes a cost, someone has to pay somewhere.

  2. Some companies send “Free Product” if you pay the shipping. This is a ploy to get your contact information and they will thenHound - Pester” you with telemarketing calls until you give in and place an order.

  3.  The “Free Product” has to be paid by someone. The customers purchasing the products are over paying to cover the “Free Product.”

  4. High commission telemarketers sell inferior products -  you pay a high price to cover the huge commissions. Often they want you to buy a 4 or 5 years supply. Competitive technologies on the market are often obsolete and can prove ineffective in the waste systems of today.

The very best product formulations and newest technology make up the BioWorld Septic Treatment. The product was developed for large industry and has been packaged for home and restaurant use.

Designed for Industrial and Municipal Wastewater

Order the best product commercially available – BioWorld Septic Treatment.

Customer Comments

Product # 86186 
  Septic Tank Treatment Unit
(14-month supply - 2 to 6 person household) 

This product works GREAT !!!