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Benefits of Advanced BioTech Algae Treatment:

Customized evaluation

Specially designed treatment plan

Outstanding customer follow up

Proven technology for over 12 years

Formulations for filamentous (stringy algae) or
   planktonic (green water algae)

Environmentally safe and natural approach

Alternative to chemical treatments

Effective deterrent to algae formation

Easy to use - no protective clothing required

Fish and wildlife will flourish

Organic debris digested

Lower cost than toxic chemicals over several years

Improved water clarity

Water can safely be used for swimming or irrigation

Long-term solution to balance ecosystem

Advanced BioTech and Eutrophication

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You have found the right site for algae control solutions and other pond problems. We give you the facts on algae control and what it really takes to get your water feature in the condition where you can enjoy the water and have your property value enhanced. We see many of the algae control sites on the web and frankly they can be very confusing. Don't waste your time and money on algae control chemicals and algae control gimmicks - Use the proven Advanced BioTech.

Our scientists are specialists in chemistry, biology and microbiology - we have most of answers regarding algae control technology. We can tell you about our technology and why it is superior to barley straw algae control, copper sulfate algae control, other harsh chemicals for algae control and aeration used for algae control.

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